Ways to make school and our community safer


Whisper Kane

The safety bar is put across the door inserted into slots that hold the bar in place so intruders cannot get into the classroom to harm the students. The LTCC and the high school have two different setups. The LTCC has the bar that is shown in the picture and the high school has a small red locking device that goes into a slot at the bottom of the door.

For Lebanon, safety is a huge concern. Parents, children, grandparents, and friends never really know for sure where they are truly safe. At Lebanon High School, safety is a main priority. The staff here really care about their students’ safety, well being and health. Sometimes students can catch danger before it even happens, and even before teachers and staff realize what’s going on. Some might say, we are the eyes and ears for what happens throughout our school.

Ways to make our school and community safer:
1: More security cameras
With more security cameras teachers and other adults can view more of the school or place they are at to make sure that they see all problems that may be happening.
2: More reasonable punishments for those who have done wrong
Sometimes OSS or ISS and even jail punishments don’t make the problem go away or keep it from happening again so having more reasonable punishments could help this.
3: Alerts
Better alarm systems, mainly in a store big establishment because nowadays it’s easy for people to steal.
4: See something, say something
Having more people tell an adult when something bad happens.

Using these ideas, and maybe even more than this will really help schools here in Lebanon, and the home of the people who live here as well. The more we focus on safety for our town, and having more reasonable consequences we have, the safer we will feel and the safer we will be.