Food; healthy vs junk

ways to make our food choices healthier

Food; healthy vs junk

Even though junk food is good taste-wise, it’s not good mind wise or for your body. Food can be healthy or bad but that doesn’t mean it can’t taste good.

I think it’s very important for kids, teens, and adults to make good food choices. At school, students eat things like pizza, burgers, chicken, salads, tacos, nachos, etc. Even though salads are a healthy option, having more options is always a good thing.

At LHS, we have 3 different lunch lines. The first line is always the salad bar, and with the salad bar, students can get many different things for their salad and sides. The other two lines are the more unhealthier options which are things like pizza, burgers, tacos, etc but our fruit options are small. Usually, there are more kids in the other two lines rather than the salad bar. Having more options in school cafeterias will not only be healthier for students but also help in their learning process.

At home adults a lot of the time want their kids to have at least one thing on their plate that is healthy. Whether that is a fruit, vegetable or something along those lines. I think parents should know their kids are continuing these healthy lifestyles at school as well.

Ways to make/healthier choices:
1: When you go to lunch, focus on what is healthy that you can choose from
2: Get your main course, but get more healthy foods rather than junk
3: Bring lunch from home, home-cooked meals are usually healthier
4: Drink more water, or bring a bottle of water wherever you go