Ghost Adventures: John Gacy’s Prison

John Gacy’s Life and Death


The ghost adventures crew films at John Gacy’s Prison

Many know of Mr. John Gacy, better known by the name of Pogo the Killer Clown. In 1972, Mr. Gacy began brutally murdering young boys and burying them under his house. Gacy would dress up as a clown to lure in his young victims. This evil man killed at least 33 young men between 1972 and 1978 in his home in the little town of Cook County, Illinois. On December of 1977, Gacy confessed to his terrible crimes and then sentenced to capital punishment. He was put to death on May 10, 1994. Recently, the Ghost Adventures team investigated the prison John Wayne Gacy was first imprisoned in.

Joliet Correctional Center was the first prison Gacy had ever entered. Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures’ main member, interviews Mike Wells, a former guard at Joliet Correctional Center, “The darkness of this prison stays with you forever. I discovered 3 different suicides. All 3 of the men had hung themselves in their cells. But, nothing compares to the darkness John Gacy brought upon this place,” according to Wells. In my opinion, Bagans and his team did a great job with picking this witness. Wells gives a very descriptive interview which helps the audience understand the impact of how John Gacy affected Wells personally. I also like how the team does research before the investigation.

After John Gacy got shipped to a different prison he came back to Joliet for medical treatment before being executed. Bagans believes this medical center holds the darkest energy in the whole prison. The next interview was with a lady named Lisa Jahnke. She’s an eyewitness and also attended Gacy’s execution in 1994. “ A few years back a group of people and I came to investigate the prison and I witnessed something I couldn’t believe. One of the women in my group was wearing a backpack and I had noticed something was moving her bag. Before I knew it she was screaming in pain. Something had gone under her shirt, scratched her, and she began bleeding. After this happened I walked across the hall to separate myself from the group and I got slammed against the wall,” says Jahnke. The crazy thing is that all of this happened in the medical room where Gacy was treated. I find this very interesting because more than one person witnessed this attack. If i was in Jahnke’s shoes I would never go back to that prison.

As crazy as this may seem I do believe Gacy may remain in Joliet Correctional Center even though he did not die there. Many people have witnessed shadows and voices and captured it on video just as the Ghost Adventures team did. And to you nonbelievers, we have plenty of proof.