A Warm Bed and A Loving Home

Sammy’s Story


What Kind of Dogs Does Dracula Have? Bloodhounds.

In December of 2018, Olivia Hulsey adopted a puppy named Sammy. According to Husley, Sammy was in a cage 24/7 in the shelter. He didn’t know what being a dog was like. He didn’t know how to play or how it felt to be loved.

What caught Husley’s eye was Sammy’s breed. As soon as she saw him in the shelter she instantly knew she wanted to adopt him. The reason Husley was looking for another dog was that one of her dogs had passed away. Their other dog was grieving the loss of his brother and needed a new friend.

At first, interaction scared Sammy, but after spending more time with the family Sammy started opening up.

“He’s the perfect dog for us,” said Husley.

Husley’s family has always rescued from the shelter. She believes that rescuing an animal helps them emotionally and physically. Husley proves her point by sharing Sammy’s journey.

One thing that Sammy has in common with other rescue dogs is the fact that he spent most of his life in a cage. This is one issue with a lot of the shelters and pounds in the U.S and even the world. Even though he was in a safe environment he had no room to run and play and no interaction with other animals or humans. Being an owner of 4 dogs has made me realize that interaction with other beings is very important for a dog. Not all shelters have this flaw, but this is a problem that needs to be fixed.

In Sammy’s case, all he needed was love, hope, and a family.