The Female Warriors of the Diamond

Introducing the Lebanon High School Softball Team


Onyx Carroll

Softball is now over but we cannot forget these tough girls that rule the softball diamond. The girls practiced hard and played hard and have left their mark on the 2019 softball season

The Lebanon High School softball team is made up of the best softball players that LHS has to offer. In order to make the team the girls have to try out at the beginning of the year. This ensures that LHS has the best players that are available to compete in tournaments and games. Every day after school the team practices from 3:30 to 5:00. Hitting, fielding in the infield and outfield, and running bases are their prior focus during these practices.

“We work very hard to become the best players we can be. One of the hardest things we do is run and condition on the bases for a long time,” said sophomore Bailey Neff.

The girls take their preparation and put it into action in games and tournaments. The team travels to many different places to face good competition all around southwest Missouri. They compete and play as a team to overcome adversity and defeat the toughest of opponents. One of the best parts abilities that the team has is their work ethic.

“We take pride in working hard and seeing it pay off on the field,” said sophomore Katie Schneider, “The feeling of achieving our goals and beating our rivals never gets old.”

The team is equipped with a diverse group of players that all have their own special skills. Nicole Truitt was the varsity starting pitcher but is out with tendonitis. Katie Schneider is the varsity third baseman although she is now the varsity pitcher to replace Nicole. Reagan Mccowan is the varsity shortstop and has also hit a couple of home runs, including a grand slam. Kenzie Reeves has the best batting average on the team which has remained above .400 for most of the year.

“We all use our own talents and bring them together to play as one,” said Neff.

The team has competed against many respectable teams this season such as Waynesville and Willard. Their record is currently 6-3 and they recently went 3-2 at a tournament in Branson. The team also achieved a monumental victory over their rivals, the Camdenton Lakers. Katie Schneider pitched a seven strikeout game and they beat the purple pigs for the first time in ten years.

“We’ve done pretty well this year. I think it will turn out better than last year and we’re really excited about districts this year,” said Schneider.