Australia Burning

How record-breaking fires and non-government intervention has created one of the worst natural disaster situations in Australia

As fires rage across Australia, people rush to evacuate and help out.

CBN International Photography

As fires rage across Australia, people rush to evacuate and help out.

As fires rage in Australia, the country is headed into one of the worst bushfire seasons in years which is being heavily contributed too by the record-breaking droughts. Fires have burned through several states causing Australia the loss of hundreds of thousands of hectares. Hundreds of homes have been lost as well as 6 lives. The wildlife in Australia is struggling and with the loss of up to 1000 koalas, the species is suffering. The numbers are starting to fuel concerns for many of Australia’s people, with some arguing that this year’s fires are unprecedented. Many articles have made sure to state that Australia has had fires like this before, however the fire conditions this year are without parallel on several fronts.

This year fires are already on there way to outperforming the Christmas Day fires that took place in 1984. With 4 weeks still left in the year, and already over 1.5 million hectares burned, Australia could be looking at their biggest fire since the 70’s. As much as Australia’s government is doing to keep the people calm and the situation under wraps, it’s hard to argue with facts. The fires that took place in the 70’s burned through mostly remote land while the current fires are tearing down homes and killing habitats for wildlife left and right. Rainfall has been at an all-time low for Australia this year, and the drought is impacting the fires greatly. The wet environments that usually help keep fires at bay are just burning up with everything else. Some experts worry that these conditions could form a “dust bowl” like the environment in Australia’s future.

Firefighters have been working day and night trying to get people and animals to safety as well as take down the massive flames. At one point the firefighters were up against a six-kilometer long wall of heat. There was some relief when much-needed rain washed over the countryside, but with firefighters still battling fires in 4 other states, it did not shed much light on the situation. Australia’s government has done little except for hiding behind faulty evidence and try to sway the people into thinking the worlds not on fire. Action needs to be taken and the government needs to be held responsible for lack of environmental concern.