French food without being in France

French 2 through 4 students go to La Galette Berrichonne for a french cooking class


Whisper Kane

French 2 through 4 students spend the day in a cultilary course and pose for a picture at the end of their trio with chef Roland and his assistance, Emily. The trip consisted of the students making eclairs and ham and cheese sandwiches while chef Roland taught them about the recipes.

Learning about culture is a vital part of learning the language. For students learning french at LHS, culture is a huge part of their learning experience. From baguettes to macarons to ratatouille, cooking french cuisine can be difficult.

When learning about a traditional dish from any certain culture, having someone that is familiar with that dish or with the culture is helpful. The French 2 through 4 went to a culinary class that was taught by Chef Roland. In this class, Chef Roland taught them how to make eclairs and ham and cheese sandwiches. Eclairs are an oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with simple pastry cream and topped with chocolate icing.

“I think my experience was good. It was fun and I liked making the food,” said sophomore French 2 student Kenneth Dismang.

This trip for French 2 through 4 was a pleasant experience for them. They were able to make eclairs from scratch and make ham and swiss cheese sandwiches that they were able to eat after making. Chef Roland taught them about the recipes and methods to make them.

“I enjoyed it, but I do a lot of cooking at home so it is nice to learn how to make something else. I’ve made pastries before but how he did it was slightly different. I enjoyed,” said senior Tamra Rodgers, a French two student.

Chef Roland was born in central France and he has a lot of work experience including Tulbagh Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, The Opera in Paris, France, Madison House in San Antonio, TX, and in the Silver Star Casino in Philadelphia, MS. He founded La Galette Berrichonne in Fordland, MO and people can go there on Saturdays. It cost $50 per person for a 7-course meal and it takes 2 hours to serve everything. Guests can reserve seating before the dinner and they ask that guests reserve at least a week in advance. They ask guests to begin showing up at 6:15 p.m and the service begins at 6:30 p.m.

“I thought the cooking class with Chef Roland was amazing. Not only were we learning how to make traditional French foods, but as he was talking he shared so many golden nuggets of cultural information. He talked about the foods in different regions of France, about his experiences in France, and more. As we listened to him talk, he shared about his passion for food and his country’s passion for food. He has a heavy French accent so students were able to hear the flow of French even while he spoke English. It was an amazing experience for our class to be able to interact for 4 hours with a true Frenchman,” said Mrs. Conti, french teacher and the sponsor for foreign language club.