For a Good Cause

LHS ‘PALS’ Create a Fundraiser for Children in Need

It’s about that time of the year. The time where families gather together, food is shared, gifts are given and received, singing can be heard in many different places, and love is spread everywhere people go. This time is popularly known as Christmas, and it’s just around the corner. However, there are some children who are less fortunate than others, and don’t get to enjoy this holiday like they wish to. The LHS ‘PALS’ took note of this and wanted to do something to change this.

“PALS is a support group to help the school and community be a safer more welcoming place to be. We do activities centered around that philosophy including being trained for peer mediation and conflict resolution,” said Mr. Mohrbacher, sponsor of PALS.

All of the members in PALS had a meeting and decided they wanted to start a Shoebox Donation. An email was sent to all the LHS students to bring awareness to this donation and get everyone involved. The donation was geared towards less fortunate children between 6 and 8 years of age. Both toys and cash donations would be accepted\; however, the toys had to be brand new. All the students had to do was bring their donation(s) to their 5th period and the students of PALS would stop by to pick up any donations made. There wasn’t any sort of goal, as all donations were highly appreciated.

“The group brainstormed the idea together, but there were probably a few that took charge in organizing it. Natalie Shumate, Carter Collins, and Ashleigh Hash played the largest rolls,” Mohrbacher said.

But PALS didn’t stop there. In order to motivate the students even more, they offered a buzz buck reward to each student who made a donation. They also made this donation week a Spirit Week, meaning each day of the week had a different theme and students were allowed to dress according to each of the themes. Monday was ‘TikTok Day’ (students could dress as their favorite meme or VSCO girl), Tuesday was ‘Nature Day’ (students could dress in camo), Wednesday was ‘Twin Day’ (students could match outfits with a friend), Thursday was ‘Pajama Day’ (students could wear their pajamas), and lastly Friday was ‘Mismatch Day’ (students could wear clothes that didn’t match). This lasted from November 4th to November 8th.

In the end, PALS had received around a couple dozen toy donations and $60, which would later be used to buy more toys. That may not seem like much, but that additional $60 could go a long way at the dollar store here in town. PALS had completed their goal of making a difference this Christmas, and all that mattered was how many children they were going to make smile. All they hope to do is continue making a difference and spreading kindness.

“We will participate with Salvation Army and do mediations as situations arise. There will be other activities next semester we do, but those have yet to be determined,” said Mohrbacher.