“In The Tall Grass” Review

A Confusing Nightmare


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“In the Tall Grass” Review
A Confusing Nightmare

The idea of a horror movie set in an inescapable nightmare of a field had my interest piqued from the beginning. As the movie went on though, it became difficult for me to remain interested in the confusing and mysterious plot. The way that the story compiled so many different events by the end left me unsure of what the point, if any, to the story was. One thing’s for sure though, I won’t be giving this one another try.

The film basically jumped right into the mysterious exploration of what seemed to be a never-ending field. They are driving through the rural Kansas landscape before they pull over to give Becky a break to possibly throw up. While they are pulled over, Becky hears it. A small boy’s voice could be heard calling from the vast fields for help. Becky and her older brother, Cal, wandered into the sea of grass in search of the boy. They became separated almost immediately, realizing how confusing the field can really be. Before long, the siblings realize the field seems to be playing tricks on them. Voices all seem to carry and change direction in a way that makes them nearly untraceable. I won ́t dig deeper into the story, but mostly what followed was a multitude of confusing action scenes.

The story, although presenting a terrifying idea, doesn‘t add the twist and turns often preferred that help keep the audience’s attention. There were few predictable dangers to the field, besides how easily people can get lost. Little seems to be done to make the viewer anticipate sources of unknown dangers, leading to an unpleasantly bland viewing experience. Besides that, the backgrounds given to the characters are incredibly vague. Neither Becky or Carl’s situations are ever described much further than in the beginning scene. Even then there was little backstory given besides Becky is pregnant and they had left from San Diego. It would have been pleasant to see more developed characters to support the film’s storyline.

“In the Tall Grass” struggled to keep my interests and didn’t give me the feeling a good horror movie usually would. It didn’t make me wish the film went on longer. I didn’t want a sequel, I was actually happy for it to be over. So, if the idea of an inescapable field specifically piques your interest, maybe give this film a try. If not, I wouldn’t waste your time with it.