Skills USA’s oppertunities

An insight into how Skills USA gives unique opportunities to learn.


Mrs. Bowling

A student in Early Childhood Education gets the opportunity to teach a class that she had been job shadowing with. The students spend lots of time learning how to interact with students to become better Early Childhood Educators.

Skills USA is a very eye-opening organization for many students. Many students get to experience different trades that they probably would never otherwise have a chance to look into. One student may be set on the career of early childhood education, but experience some welding and figure out that’s the career they want to pursue.

“The opportunity to see trades that I have never seen, I would never be interested in auto-tech, yet skills give you the opportunity to experience different trades that I would not normally be interested in,” said senior Carter Collins.

Skills not only gives students the opportunity to experience other trades, but it also gives them opportunities to become involved with other schools and colleges. The students get opportunities to partner with other people to further their chances in the career field they want to pursue, while also seeing different options of colleges they would like to attend.

“I think for a lot of students it is a good way to become acquainted with schools that can give them opportunities to get scholarships and experiences that they would not normally be able to find here,” said Collins.

Along with being able to meet other students and schools, Skills members get the opportunity to compete against other members. They get to show off their skills to other students, and higher up business people who are looking to hire. The students get to show off their best skills and love doing it at the same time.

“My favorite competition is writing a children’s book because it combines my two passions of teaching and creative writing,” Collins said.