“Alaska the Last Frontier”

Behind the scenes of Alaska

“Alaska the Last Frontier”

“Alaska the Last Frontier” or “ALF”. Is a popular tv show that is the reality of living in Alaska. Living in Alaska may seem fun and new. “ALF” assures viewers that if you want to live in Alaska you’ll have to put in the work for it. That means having a snowmobile in case you need to go to the local supermarket and it’s snowing. Growing your own garden to save money and having a greenhouse to farm in the winter.

Meet some of the farmers in Alaska. Otto Kilcher, one of the toughest and motivated people. Eivin Kilcher, son of Otto, makes things out of supplies he already has. Atz Kilcher, considers himself the protector of the family. Very good about helping others and building new things. Jane Kilcher, is one of the funniest members of “ALF”. She is very dedicated, when she gets her mind on something she will make sure that it gets done the right way.

Since a normal episode doesn’t exist for them, they will produce special episodes. A reason for a special episode would be like thanksgiving. Family and friends will gather by the fire after eating and talk about the things that happened in the last year. There will be many laughs and sad times that they will share. On Christmas, they did secret Santa. Everyone had come up with ideas that were sentimental to the person that they drew.

The reason why I like “ALF” is because the producers don’t make up what it’s like to live in Alaska. They have their ups and downs a lot, and the show shows that. If there is a big project that needs to be done and needs more than six hands, everyone will pitch in and help. Then go over to Otto and Charlotte’s house for a big dinner. “ALF” shows me that you will get mad at your family but at the end of the day, it’s them you need. Family, life, and love, one of the many things that are taught in the show.