President of Skills USA

Leading an organization is not easy, but this president gets the job done


Whisper Kane

Billy Dudley is the president of Skills usa. He is a senior this year.

By: Abbi Watkins

Being the president of an organization is not an easy task. Getting everyone together to go over tasks, and plan lots of activities and events takes a lot of time and effort. Senior Billy Dudley is the president of the SkillsUSA chapter. He works very hard to get everything organized and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

“As the president of our chapter of Skills, I act as the leader of our meetings and make sure that all the other officers know what is happening/going on and that we all together bring the members of our chapter of SkillsUSA together. I and the rest of the officer team plan events and activities that our chapter of Skills is going to be apart of,” said Dudley.

Through Skills USA Dudley has learned a lot of leadership skills. Leadership is very important in the workforce world, without it lots of things would not get accomplished. Many students do not have leadership skills, and Skills USA is a great way to gain these skills.

“Skills has taught me how to better be a leader, and how to create a community of like-minded people join together to better themselves. The competitions have taught me how to display my skills and be proud of them. The conferences have taught me how to join with people I’ve just met to work together for our common goal -to better ourselves in the hopes of bettering the workforce,” Dudley said.

Many students have various amounts of skills, yet they never get to share them with others. Skills USA holds tons of competitions that students can go to share their skills. As well as sharing different skills students get to work with people like them and create relationships. This organization is a great way students can put themselves out there and show themselves off to others.

“I joined the LTCC’s chapter of SkillsUSA originally because Mr. Goodwin told me to fill out an officer application. I stayed in it and decided to get more involved in it because I saw how it would teach me to become a better version of myself and would allow me to be prepared for my future in a way I couldn’t get to without being involved in Skills,” Dudley said.