The Busiest of the bunch

Thomas Cleveland does science Olympiad for a second year


Whisper Kane

Thomas Cleveland is a senior in science olympiad who is doing multiple events. He was a member of this club last year.

Science Olympiad is a national organization that started in Lebanon in the 2018-2019 school year. Students who are interested in science join the science olympiad to explore their interests. Some students already know what they want to do with their lives such as senior Thomas Cleveland, a second-year student in Science Olympiad.

Cleveland plans to study physics, which is the study of the natural science that studies the matter, its motion, and behavior through space and time, and that studies the related entities of energy and force. The top college choices to study at are Caltech, MIT, and Stanford

“I really like researching its one of the things I found I really like to do at an early age. So specifically with like Caltech and MIT, they’re really big with STEM research. Caltech is actually one of the only colleges that operate a NASA operation on campus which is super cool, so that’s one of the biggest reasons why I really want to go there,” Cleveland said.

Since physics is Cleveland’s main path in college, the Science Olympiad is a great organization to do. Cleveland is doing astronomy, chem lab, circuit lab and code busters in Science Olympiad which allows him to explore different scientific areas.

“I joined Science Olympiad for developing myself and give back to Lebanon. I really enjoy the science olympiad because it is really appealing to me. The fact that I could go in and research stuff about astronomy, chemistry, and also still competitively stand out was really appealing to me and I really enjoyed that,” Cleveland said.

There are many different job paths involving science\; in Cleveland’s case there many different branches of physics he can go into including accelerator operator, applications engineer, data analyst, design engineer, and even a high school physics teacher.

“So, if I do major in physics, the job I probably take would be as a research and development physicist. One of the key things that I really was looking at that I’ve looked into for a really long time was working for the Department of Defense. It has always been like interesting to me because its something I feel really close to since my dad is in the military and it’s still doing what I love,” Cleveland said.