Review on Adidas Football Cleats

Are the Adidas 8.0 Cleats as Comfortable as the 7.0 Cleats?


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Adidas Football Cleats
Are the Adidas 8.0 Cleats as Comfortable as the 7.0 Cleats?

The Adidas 8.0 football cleats are one of the most popular football cleats. These cleats are one of the most expensive cleats that Adidas has designed. My question on these cleats was, “If they were very durable through on-field situations?” The first thing I noticed about the cleats was how light they were. They felt really good on my feet! The 8.0’s weighed 10.15 ounces, which is very light for a football cleat. The lighter the cleat the better the performance, so as soon as I put them on I felt good about its performance.

The feel was unreal! They were very light and great to run in, as soon as they were broke in, they felt amazing! Very comfortable and very easy to move around in. The lightweight cleat really helps with speed and the lip that cups your ankle gives you a lot of support. The flexible plastic plate on the bottom has a great cleat pattern to keep your traction. The only downside of the plastic plate is that if u walk on concrete for periods of time it will start eating away at the plastic.

The cleat felt very good while sprinting in them, there was that little break in stage, but overall they felt great. The mesh on the outside of the cleat made them very flexible and comfortable to run in. The mesh on the outside was very light and breathable, it was the new addition to the 8.0 to add the new mesh. The mesh on the 8.0 was a very good addition, the 7.0’s didn’t have the flexible mesh so they’re not as flexible. Even though the 7.0’s do not have the mesh, they weigh a little less than the 8.0’s. But it’s not so much of a difference you can tell.

Overall, I loved these cleats. If someone is willing to spend the money, then it is a great investment if they are serious about what they are using on the field. The only bad thing about these cleats is that they weigh a little more than the 7.0 cleats.