In the Shadow of the Moon Review

Is In the Shadow of the Moon Worth Watching?


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In the Shadow of the Moon
Is the Shadow of the Moon Worth Watching?

Although I can’t say I stayed thrilled all the way through the film, ̈In the Shadow of the Moon ̈ takes the audience on quite a journey. The science-fiction thriller does a good job of emotionally drawing the audience into the plot of the story. I thought it was a predictable story with more than enough unpredictable aspects to it to keep the audience entertained. It’s nowhere near my favorite movie of all time but undoubtedly made for an entertaining experience.

The movie starts out with a teaser set in 2024. Buildings look to be in shambles and a street filled with fire is seen below. It flashes back to the scene of an investigation where there has been a string of unexplainable deaths. Officer Thomas Lockheart enters the investigation and begins his hunt to find the mysterious murderer. I won’t go much further in-depth on the story to refrain from spoiling it. I will say that the film has a unique style that helps to keep the audience drawn in, building upon what we thought we knew as it delves further in time.

The film wasn’t the boring and predictable Netflix original I had anticipated when starting it. I felt like there was actually a well-explained story here worth being told, which Netflix originals often seem to lack to me. The style of the detective thriller mixed with science fiction makes for quite an enveloping story for the audience. It’s a full-speed race to the truth of a mystery that makes for an enriching story. Even though this isn’t my favorite movie of all time, itś definitely one that I will be thinking of and likely recommending.

Overall, ̈In the Shadow of the Moon ̈ was definitely worth my time. It kept me interested, even though I had a pretty good idea of how it would end. It’s an entertaining mystery that does an excellent job of keeping the viewer’s eyes glued to the screen.