Interact Feature

What's it About


Taken by Journalism Staff

Interact's group picture on club picture day.

What’s it About

Lebanon High School is full of many students with different interests and hobbies. One place where students come together from all different backgrounds is clubs. There are a variety of clubs in the high school.. The clubs help to unite different students with a common idea. One of the clubs at the high school is interact. This club is run by Mr. Lowery, the LHS principle.

“Interact is a branch of rotary international, and each local rotary club has an interact program,” said principle Lowery.

The rotary club’s interact program has a big focus on helping out around the community.

“Interact consists of students from high school who are committed to community service. Throughout the school year we will do many service projects for the local rotary club and for our community,” said Lowery.

Although one of interact’s main goals is their community service projects, there is more to it than just that, such as the relationships formed within the group.

Many students join interact, not entirely sure what they’re getting themselves into but soon grow to love it.

“I honestly only joined interact my freshman year because all of my older friends were doing it but I’m so glad I did,” said senior Bailey Hough.

When joining interact students learn a lot about themselves, and the community they live in.

“It’s definitely made me have a love for serving people and the community,” said Hough.

However some students join interact with only the community service in mind and soon realize there is more to it than that. Interact is a club revolves around helping others, but in helping others, students are actually helping themselves.

Members of interact are learning great skills to build their character without even realizing it. In being a part of this club, students help other people out of the goodness of their hearts, without getting anything in return.

“I love interact, but I think what I love the most about that I’m a part of something that’s more than just me. I get to help out the community with people in my school who love helping too,” said senior Ellee Douglas.