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Be the Future


Kevin Lowery

Carrie Coffman, 12, and Savanna Kerperien, 12 hustled while they handed out their cookies. Both of the girls think being in Sentrepact is very beneficial.

The Future Awaits
Be the Future

To be the future, individuals must do big things. To be an entrepreneur is to have a successful business or businesses. Setrepact’s main goal is to teach students about entrepreneurship and what it means to be an entrepreneur. Most people want to be successful and have a good job and life. To do so, being involved in Setrepact is one way to get started on the future.

“Sentrepact to me is an expansion to my knowledge and something new,” said junior Haley McBride.

Senterpact is important and beneficial to not only the people who run the club, but to people that are apart of the club.

We work with various businesses within the community and learn how to start up our own businesses,” said senior Savanna Kerperien.

Some may even wonder what Sentrepact does. According to Kerperien, they do lots of things to prepare them to be an entrepreneur.

“I am applying the knowledge that I have gained mainly is going to my future. The class has shown me that I have a passion for business and more specifically marketing,” McBride said.

McBride takes Sentrepact very seriously. She takes everything she has learned while being apart of Sentrepact and taken it even further. She wants to go into Marketing. By doing so, she will be taking the knowledge she learners from Sentrepact and use it in the future.

Sentrepact is beneficial in many ways. Not only does it help young people prepare for the future. It also helps them how to better understand becoming an entrepreneur. It’s very inspirational and beneficial.