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Walker McDermott's Impression

First Impressions Aren’t Everything
Walker McDermott’s Impression

Anyone would expect that teenagers would think taking a business class in high school would be extremely dull and not worth the time and effort. However, junior Walker McDermott has various opinions and statements on taking the business class Sentrepact.

“At first, it seemed boring, because being a business class normally isn’t fun. Now that I have been in the class for a while I’m glad I took the class because it has and will teach me important things about using and saving money, getting a small business started, and speaking to large audiences,” said McDermott.

People are capable of changing their minds. People tend to give things one chance. However, most people tend to only consider their first impressions. In this case, Walker thinks this class is boring at first, but then he gives it a second chance.

“I work on various projects that focus on giving me information about what I will do in the future. With all the projects that focus on skills, I will need to know after high school. The class makes me already think about how things will go after high school,” McDermott said.

There are many things they do in Sentrepact. They help them with their future and they help our communities.

“Market Day is one of the bigger projects. We as the students get to decide on a product to sell. Rather it is food, shirts or other products. We get to discuss on what the size of a loan we need, and pitch over it to see if the loan will be accepted. Then we plan and spend a lot of time on pricing and a plan for advertisement. At Market Day my partner and I sold Dippin’ Dots ice cream and we did very well. We ordered it to be shipped to my doorstep and sold out at 3rd shift at lunch,” McDermott said.

Market Day is not only very helpful for the people in Sentrepact, but the students themselves love Market Day.

“Being in Sentrepact is beneficial. Because it makes me feel more comfortable about being self-independent after high school,” McDermott said.

There are various reasons why this class is helpful. Walker says this class has made him more confident and it helped him feel like he can do anything he puts his mind to.

“One thing I learned from Sentrepact is the experience of working with actual local businesses. Understanding the idea of how things work within businesses which are very beneficial for us and our future,” McDermott said.