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This January, LHS Will Add a Bowling Team, But What Kind of Legacy is to Come?


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Rolling Into a Legacy
This January, LHS Will Add a Bowling Team, But What Kind of Legacy is to Come?

Everyday at Lebanon High School, the bell rings at eight o’clock and morning announcements come on. Everyone is in their seats and then Mr. Lowery tells the school what is going on with sports, clubs, what’s for lunch, and then the pledge of allegiance. No matter what happens he always ends with how LHS strive to be the best high school in America. LHS is a pretty great school, but they are not the best. They need something to put them over the top. Something that will separate them from every high school not only in Missouri, but in the entire United States. But what will set them apart? It has to be something that nobody has, that they can be the best at, and be the best at indisputably. That something that can set them apart from everyone is a historic, fantastic, amazing, and best high school bowling team in the nation.

Bowling is a sport where players have ten pins to knock over to try and get the highest score out of their competitors. If they knock all ten down in one throw they get a strike. If they take two throws to knock all ten down it is a spare. If players don’t get all of them down in two throws then they get the score of how many they did knock down. A strike is worth ten points plus a bonus of their next two throws. A spare is worth ten points plus a bonus of their next throw, but only the first one.

Bowling has never been a sport or club at the high school, but starting this January, Brian Jackson is leading the bowling team and will start a legacy that can impact our school forever.

“I wanted to start a bowling team because a couple students found out that I liked to bowl and they wanted me to coach them. The students who asked me were Cole Patten and Jukobee Mausch-Berry. I ran it past Coach Christian and he took the idea to the school board and we got to rollin,” said Coach Brian Jackson.

No pun intended, but Mr. Jackson is definitely ready to get rolling! But what sparked Mr. Jackson’s interest for bowling?

“My grandpa taught me how to bowl at Starlight Lanes when I was six years old and I’ve been going on lane 10 ever since. I bowled in a couple of adult leagues and I’ve been bowling off and on ever since,” said Jackson about his inspiration for bowling.

Since Coach Jackson’s grandpa influenced him in such a great way I decided to see how Coach Jackson thought the bowling team would affect people at Lebanon High School.

“It’s going to be favorable. It’s going to give students one more chance to be a part of Jacket Nation, and to be a part of a team. There is also a chance of scholarship money for college students which is always favorable for someone wanting a higher education,” said Coach Jackson about the many positives about the bowling team.
This idea is fairly new this year so I decided to see how long this bowling team has been in the works.

“(Lebanon) had a team several years ago, but I don’t know what happened to it. Here we have so many sports that dominate on many different levels. I hope we can do what the ladies wrestling team did last year and be extremely successful. In reality if the members raise their averages fifteen to twenty pins higher in our first year success will be regardless of our record. This team will live on way past my time at Lebanon High School,” said Coach Jackson.

Coach Jackson wants to leave a legacy with this bowling team. He wants the team to be remembered always and unforgettable in the history of Lebanon Bowling.

“It will be the icing on the cake for sure!” said Jackson.

All in all, Coach Jackson is super pumped for this bowling season and it be a historic season. He has put in the work starting when he was six and now it all is going to pay off. Everyone is read to see what Coach Jackson and his bowling team has in store for us.