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What FCA Promotes


Taken by Journalism Staff

What FCA Promotes

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13. Verses like this are what FCA is all about. FCA, or ‘Fellowship Christian Athletes’, is a program that provides a safe environment where students can participate in games, study in small groups, and pray. FCA is working hard this year to help students spread kindness and grow in their faith. Some of the ways the program is doing this is by hosting events like Field of Faith, See You at the Pole, and their Christmas box for kids donations. The early morning meetings are giving students the opportunity to express their faith with their peers. Sophomore Chase Moore is one of the many that enjoys FCA.

“We meet every Wednesday morning and usually do small group activities or play a game. After we do this we break out in prayer,” said Moore.

Even if students do not participate in a sport they can still join this program. FCA provides an opportunity for students of all backgrounds to come and learn about Christ. The people who participate in ‘Fellowship Christian Athletes’ are supportive and understanding. They will help students feel like they belong in the club.

“I really wanted to join because I wanted to build a closer relationship with God. I also wanted to grow more friendships with people who have similar beliefs as me,” Moore said.

Students who are not sure about joining FCA should consider the great events being hosted this year\; this includes their Fields of Faith night, See You at the Pole, and their worship every Wednesday morning. FCA is helping to build a better relationship with God. Throughout this years program there are many opportunities to meet many new people, the club can help create many strong friendships. FCA gives students great opportunities to learn about God without judgement.

“I love getting to spend my Wednesday mornings with kind people where I know I will not get judged or made fun of. FCA has shaped my relationship and brought me closer to God. When I surround myself with other Christians it helps to build my relationship stronger with the Lord,” Moore said.