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NHS Memebers Talk About What They Do in the Club

Lebanon High School National Honors Society club
National Honors Society members talk about what they do in this club.

The National Honors Society at Lebanon High School is very busy during the first semester of school. This club is for juniors and seniors all over the country who in academics, have good character, are good leaders and do service work for their community. Students are selected by staff members to be apart of the club. To be apart of NHS students also have to serve a total of twenty community service hours.

Club members not only do great things for their community, but they also do great things around the school. Many members have helped organize blood drives, school activities, important events at school. This club was made to congratulate students who follow this criteria. Students in this club will have great college careers and choices.

“We have done many things for our community including canned food drives,” said senior secretary Carrie Coffman.

Most of the time students are rewarded with scholarships from the club. Their main goal in the club is to continue their academics as greatly as possible. Lisa Anthony is the staff member in charge of NHS. The club has a President, senior Tanner Roy, Vice President, senior Danessa Howe, and senior Secretary, Carrie Coffman. “I hope to get a scholarship towards my college so I can continue my education as cheaply as possible,” said Coffman.

This is a very important event for the club and students involved. During the initiation ceremony, new students are welcomed and greeted by former students of the club. Former students also have a chance to vote for new leaders. This means all students can vote for a new president, vice president, and secretary. To prepare for this, former students must think about who would be the most beneficial leaders for the group and school.

“Our ceremony is towards the end of the year. It’s the time that new members (juniors) get officially inducted in the organization,” said Coffman.

Members work very hard to make their staff and leaders proud.

“We all work together to accomplish things for the organization, so we end up sharing the majority of the responsibilities. As secretary, though, I do have the assigned responsibility of tracking hours/updating members on information,” Coffman said.

“All the members work very hard, this shows how time consuming all the work is for NHS.” said Ms. Anothony, the NHS staff advisor.