“Godzilla” Review

King of the Monsters


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King of the Monsters

“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” is about Emma Russell who works for Monarch, a crypto-zoological government agency that monitors the ancient titans such as Godzilla and Mothera. The release of Mothra was sabotaged by outsiders which set a spiral release of the other god-like monsters. Having humanity’s existence hang in the balance between them.

Released May 31, 2019 and directed by Micheal Dougherty, “Godzilla” was as action packed as you would expect. I really enjoyed the cinematography of the movie and I think they did a great job on the graphics. I didn’t like the acting as much though. There wasn’t much flow between the characters which caused tension in their acting. The plot of the movie was packed full of details that made it hard to keep focus at times. Introducing all the monsters kept me in suspense, which helped keep the movie interesting.

While watching the movie I really took to the gigantic monsters, I feel that they were the highlight of the movie. Their graphics and destruction they caused was the excitement of the movie. I was able to follow their plot and storyline better than the human characters. I just didn’t enjoy the acting or their decisions they made within the storyline. I thought that they could have had a much better plot to follow.

Aside from the lack of exceptional acting, I think Millie Bobby Brown did an amazing job in her role as Madison Russell. Her emotions are expressed really good and I think it really helps the viewers connect and experience those emotions as well.

The movie was good despite the aspects I didn’t like. It still kept your attention throughout the movie. Having your biggest plot point around computer animated monsters can end badly, but I think they did a really great job putting the fight scenes in around the live actors. I would recommend watching and I give it an 8/10.