Finding a Place in The Anime Club

A new jacket finds her place in the anime club

Finding a Place in The Anime Club


Finding a Place in the Anime Club
By: Erin O’Brien

Anime has become one of the most popular genres in many countries including Japan. Although anime is a general term there are five different types of anime, these include: shonen, shojo, seinen, joosei, and kodomomuke. Each type is focused on a specific target demographic. These shouldnt be labeled as genres as they are just labels specify the intended audience. Shonen anime is typically for recommended for younger boys. The actual translation meaning “few years”, recommending children 15 and under. Seinen refers to young men between the ages of 15-24. This type of anime is more violent or has a physiological aspect. Shojo is the female equivalent of Shonen and is targeted towards younger girls. They tend to focus on romance and interpersonal relationships. Josei anime is targeted towards women, the shows typically feature adult situations and adult women. The last type, Kodomomuke, in direct translation means “directed at children”. This type is best viewed by young children. These are simply recommended audiences and people of all ages tend to enjoy things from all genres. There’s an anime out there for everyone if they would just do a little searching.

The culture of anime is very rich, which means a lot of people can find things they easily relate too. With such a wide range of shows anime is an easy way for people to connect. Freshmen, Ashlynn Meyers, seems to have found her place amongst the group of anime lovers and is thankful that LHS had an anime club when she began school here. Ashlynn has been watching anime from a very young age and so it easily became something she was passionate about. When asked what her favorite anime was she responded by saying that each anime is amazing in its own way and the special thing about them is how they always manage to tie back to the real world which makes it super relatable.

Ashlynn was also asked what her favorite moments were from the club to which she said, “ Every moment I spend here, I look forward to this every time, especially after the long days and you can really feel a sense of community. If anyone is scared to join dont be you’re just scared of yourself, anime is always hard to talk about but it doesnt have to be. No one should feel intimidated.”

The club has been a great way for many students to relax and escape the stress they feel during the school day. The club provides a sense of belonging to kids that may otherwise feel left out. Anime club is a place for everyone to feel comfortable being themselves. Wether that means “nerding out” and fangirling/fanboying over a new episode that comes out or discussing the history of anime with friends. Everyone can find somewhere to belong in this club.