Finals or Free Passes?

Students at LHS will be taking their finals but they will not hurt them, they will only help them.

After three continuous days of snow, students in Lebanon and other areas in Missouri missed multiple days of school. This week is finals week for a lot of schools, and with the days missed, students were stressing about what was going to happen.

After missing Tuesday of this week Kevin G. Lowery, principal at LHS, tweeted and emailed the final schedule. Half an hour later, the announcement of no school came out and plan c would have to come into play.

There were originally two plans for the snow days, miss Monday and collapse a final into the next day, miss Tuesday and do all the finals in two days. Plan C, which was improvised, was take all finals in two days, which one day included the early release on Friday.

Following the school cancellation came an email from Mr. Lowery, that included this, “All students will have an opportunity to raise their grades by performing well on their final exams\; however, final exam grades will not be used to lower a student’s semester grade. Given the loss of instructional time and review opportunities due to recent snow days, final exams will only be used to positively impact a student’s grade this semester.”

Students could take their finals and not worry about their grades dropping at all, it would only help their grades. Students were happy.

“It feels weird because you still want to try because it could help you. But you also don’t want to try. I tried on all of mine,” said senior, Bryson Crowell.

It helps students and it is a true Christmas gift from Lebanon to the students.