How Was Your Break?

Students tell about what they did during winter break.

Retrieved from Dolland Elementary School


How Was Your Break?
Students tell about what they did during winter break.

After a short yet trying week of finals due to icy weather, and an early dismissal Friday, students are ready for their well deserved break.

Christmas and New Year took place over break, and many students went out of the state to go visit family, went on vacation, and some just stayed home.

There were a lot of people from Lebanon High School that went to the Old Kinderbrooke ice-skating rink. Old Kinderbrooke has been a popular place to be these past couple of weeks with it being an outdoor rink that has a nice family-friendly environment.

“I took my girlfriend to go ice skating over the break. We had a great time, it’s a fun place to go in the summer and winter because there is a lot to do” said senior Tyler Capps.

Old Kinderhook is at the Lake of the Ozarks, so it is not a far drive for students to make to have something to do.

For New Years, the First Baptist Church took seniors and young adults to the Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA. At the conference 65,000 students ages, 18-25 gathered together to welcome the new year in by worshiping Jesus Christ as the clock hit midnight.

“Passion is a conference where young adults get to encounter God in a way they probably haven’t before. Being in a room with 65,000 people with the same purpose of praising Jesus is an amazing feeling. I am so blessed to have the chance of experiencing this conference,” said senior Abbi Watkins.

Others took time for themselves. This too is a great thing to do on break. It is important to focus on self-care and recouping after a while of waring oneself so thin and taking time to relax and to not be so busy is a good way for the body to catch up on some rest and get more energy for the coming months of school.

Whether or not students slept in every day, went on fun trips, or just stayed home with their families, it was a much needed break away from school and all the stress that hit them the week prior. Many students are dreading going back to school, but they have only got five more months to go.