Water You Doing?

The LHS Boy's Swim Team Takes Over


Water You Doing?
The LHS Boy’s Swim Team Takes Over

Although it is not often talked about, swimming is one of the most competitive sports offered at Lebanon High School. In fact, it is unlike any other sport out there. There’s no other sport that takes place entirely in water. Swimmers have to work very hard day and night, to become good at the sport. They start off their mornings very early with swim practice before school. Having said all that, the swimmers at LHS are very dedicated to their sport.

Like all other sports, swim requires athletes to dedicate a subsequent amount of their personal time for practice and meets.

“The boys have to wake up very early to meet at the YMCA for morning practices before and during swim season to ensure that they are prepared by the time meets come around,” said swim coach and physics teacher, Mr. Krev.

Another aspect that makes swim unique when compared to other sports is the fact that none of their events are hosted at home. This is largely because our school does not have its own pool. The team used to have meets at the YMCA, however, now they travel to Springfield to compete.

When it comes to competing, the LHS swim team is fairly new as it has only been an official sport at Lebanon High since 2016. Since this is a fairly new activity for students to partake in, the progress the team has made is quite remarkable. In fact, two members of boys swim went to state this year. Attending state is a huge accomplishment for any athlete, but especially so for a team that has only been around for the past few years.

Freshman Dakota Windsor and sophomore Caleb Whittington represented LHS at the Boys 2019 swimming and diving state championship in St. Peters. They had to work very hard to get there, but it paid off and provided them with an experience they will likely never forget.

“State was extremely fun, but very long. Only getting to swim one event and having to wait was long and tedious. But in the end, I enjoyed it and will hopefully be going back next year,” said Whittington.

Overall, the boys swim team members here at Lebanon High School are hardworking individuals who dedicate their skills and time to a sport that oftentimes goes unappreciated.