Swimming Into a New Year

LHS Boys Swim Make it to State

Swimming Into a New Year
LHS boys swim make it to state

Every high school athletes dream is to make it to state, and for two members of the boys swim team that dream became a reality. Sophomore Caleb Whittington and freshman Dakota Windsor are incredible swimmers, which they were able to prove when they qualified for state. The pair represented Lebanon High School at the Boys 2019 swimming and diving state championship in St. Peters.

An accomplishment as huge as qualifying for state is sure to entail well-earned pride, however there are also numerous challenges along the way. Although many aspects of swim are challenging, the biggest challenge for these two athletes was experience. Due to the fact that each of them are underclassmen, it can be hard to keep up with the older swimmers, however they have clearly done a great job.

“I would say the biggest challenge I have to face in swim is going up against seniors as a freshman,’ said Windsor.’

Swimmers at any age can become skilled athletes, however it can be harder for those who are less experienced to face competitors who have been swimming for their whole life.

“The biggest challenge is probably experience. I have only been swimming for 2 years compared to some who have been swimming since they were 6 or 7,” said Whittington.

All this hard work needs to be backed up by motivation, or else these athletes would not be able to meet their goals. Staying motivated and keeping a clear idea of what they want is how the two were able to get where they are now.

“I stay motivated while swimming by thinking about my goals and trying to earn achievements,” said Windsor.

Another reason to stay motivated for swim, or any other sport for that matter, is to stay in shape and have a way to push your body. This sport entails a lot of hard work and long days, which can be challenging for swimmers, but in the end, it always pays off.

Whittington says, “My motivation to push myself when it comes to swimming is that it keeps me in good shape and I don’t get lazy.”

Windsor and Whittington are both very committed to their sport, and each of them have very inspirational stories as to why they started swimming in the first place. Whittington’s story was that he wanted to participate in a sport, however he had some problems with his left leg. Due to the fact that he always loved being in the water, swim seemed like a great fit, and according to him, “really the only sport I could do”.

Windsor, on the other hand, says he was “inspired by one of my best friends to start swimming”.

No matter how they embarked upon their journey as a swimmer, one thing is clear\; they worked very hard to get there, which definitely paid off. All the dedication these two boys had provided them with an unforgettable experience.

“State was extremely fun, but very long. Only getting to swim one event and having to wait was long and tedious. But in the end I enjoyed it and will hopefully be going back next year,” said Whittington.

Someone who have competed in an event as respected as state is sure to have some tips to share with younger swimmers, or simply those who aspire to gain more skills. In fact, Whittington says that the biggest tip he can offer to younger swimmers is, “to just keep pushing, no matter how hard it may seem to be”.

Windsor encourages all swimmers to do one simple task in order to succeed, “listen to your coaches, they know what they are doing”.

These two athletes have proven to be very successful, which is remarkable for the short amount of time they have been participating in swim. In the end, state was a great experience for both of them and they can only go up from here.