Dear Shelby

Answering The Common ITS Questions

International Thespian Society, a group at Lebanon High School that appreciated the art of theatre. Many students are unaware of the group, as it can be similar to the drama club. Yet both of the associations differ from each other. As a senior apart of both the drama club and ITS organization I typically find myself heavily involved in the arts program at Lebanon High School. Yet numerous amount of students are unaware of ITS which can result in unanswered questions. Luckily being a writer with a passion for the ITS community, I am able to answer the questions students may have.

Question 1: “What is ITS?”

Answer 1: ITS, International Thespian Society is an organization for students with a passion for theatre. The society consists of high schoolers with an interest in helping backstage, tech crew, costume crew, and other aspects other than just acting. To join ITS there is a $30 fee, but the group itself has many benefits. One of the advantages of being an ITS member is attending Thescon. Thescon is an event for students to compete for scholarship opportunities. These awards can be up to $2,000, while even giving the opportunity for a college audition.

Question 2: “What does thespian mean?”

Answer 2: Thespian is another word for actor.

Question 3: “How do I get points?”

Answer 3: ITS has a point system ran by the president of the school’s ITS club. The way to increase points is by attending professional shows or participating in the school’s productions. Typically most students receive their points from performing with their cast in front of an audience.

Question 4: “Why should I join ITS?”

Answer 4: While every club at Lebanon High School helps create new friendships, and experiences International Thespian Society does more than that. The organization assists students in learning more about their interests, or hobbies. The group can help a dancer study the art of choreography, which can be applied to future productions at Lebanon High School. The society is for all students in middle school or high school. The group does not just apply to people who can act, or sing. ITS applies to artistic creators that can create beautiful set pieces. The organization is for future authors with the words of Shakespeare. The group of theatre invited young adults who have not even performed in front of an audience. International Thespian Society is open to all students who are passionate about excelling in their hobbies with new friends by their side.