Snow Days: Teacher’s Expectation vs. Reality

How teachers think students spend their unplanned days off

Students come back to school after multiple snow days to snow on the ground, trees and sidewalk outside the Highschool’s entrance.
Braxton Myers
Students come back to school after multiple snow days to snow on the ground, trees and sidewalk outside the Highschool’s entrance.

Snow days are usually a fun free day that students look forward to. Sitting around doing nothing except playing video games or binge-watching Netflix can be a nice lazy day worth spending. However, many teachers still expect their students to get their assignments done, even if it is a snow day.

Now, especially since students have the ability to access their classes online via their Chromebooks, teachers think that students should be getting their work done even if there are snow days.

“I usually only give one out-of-class assignment per 3-week term, so the snow days have very little effect on those. The students know they have three weeks to complete the assignments, so missing a day or two is essentially meaningless,” said Choir teacher Mr. Jackson.

Also, many teachers have a hard time extending deadlines due to the new snow day policy. So, some teachers can’t extend due dates due to the little wiggle room they have. Mrs. Winterrowd, an English teacher, is one of these teachers.

“When there are snow days, remove less important pieces, or modify the length spent on certain objectives. Sometimes we move due dates, but not that often… I do not assign a lot of homework in my classes. Generally, when a student has work to take home from my class it is because they did not use class time wisely, so I definitely expect them to use a snow day to make workup,” said Winterrowd.

Some students agree that with today’s technology, students have no excuse not to complete the work at home. Especially since the school library now allows students to check out portable wifi connections, so they can do their work at home even if they don’t have internet service. The students’ Chromebooks also work in offline mode, so they can complete work and then sync it up when they get a connection again.

“I think it’s fair to have us finish an assignment if they also send a reminder through email. I think it’s not fair, however, to assign us new assignments,” said freshman Rain Lemons.

Braxton Myers
Student’s access to Chromebooks has made the inclusion of self-guided education easier from the staff perspective while differing from student’s view of snow days.

More times than not, a teacher does not give out work on a snow day, but there are still assignments that were given weeks in advance that students should finish, even if it is a snow day. However, some students still feel that they can’t always plan ahead for inclement weather.

“Students should have extended due dates because not everyone has internet at home and they can’t take home the school’s WiFi if school was canceled overnight. They also can’t go to a place that has WiFi if the roads were bad and they had no way to get there,” said junior Hannah Gladden.

All in all, there are many different opinions on whether students should finish their work over a snow day. For some, it’s considered a day of rest, for others, it’s considered another workday except it’s at home.