Madam President, are you ready?

Ashley Blechl, Science Olympiad president, studies for the contest


Whisper Kane

Logan Phillips and Ashley Blechl pose with their sounds of music instrument. During the competition on February 22, Blechl and Phillips played twinkle twinkle little star.

Being president of any club can be tough, as the president usually has multiple duties that they have to accomplish. Science Olympiad is a science-based club that goes to competitions. Science Olympiad has a female president this year and she also has many duties but like most, she joined the club for a specific reason.

“I chose to join Science Olympiad because I’ve always been really interested in science,” Blechl said in regards to her reason for joining Science Olympiad

Blechl is doing the disease detectives, anatomy and physiology, and sound of music events. Each event has its challenges. Disease detectives is a written exam, testing knowledge of Epidemiology and immunity. With the anatomy and physiology event teams answer questions about the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular, lymphatic and excretory systems. Finally, the sound of music is a little bit harder since teams must construct and tune one device before the tournament based on a 12-tone equal-tempered scale and complete a written test on the physics of sound.

“I chose to do these three because they interest me the most,” Blechl says when asked why she chose these events

Although on top of her events she also has duties related to her being president. The duties Blechl has included checking up on her teammates and aid them in any way she can. Balancing her duties as president and being a competitor can be hard but she does it.

“I wanted to be president because I wanted to be able to help the team,” Blechl said.

Since science is the base of the club most members enjoy learning about certain areas of science. Blechl plans to study at Missouri State University and major in Entrepreneurship, which is the process of discovering new ways of combining resources.

“Science is important to me because it’s so interesting. I really enjoy learning and with science, it seems like I always am learning new things,” Blechl said.