A Glimpse of Horror

Input on some of 2020’s exciting upcoming movies.

A 2020 horror about a mysterious creature who authorities are desperately trying to stop from striking again.

Guillermo del Toro

A 2020 horror about a mysterious creature who authorities are desperately trying to stop from striking again.



When it comes to horror movies, there’s no genre I’d rather watch. Something about them has always caught my interest. I’m always on the look-out for new movies being released, and it’s easy for me to watch a trailer in order to determine if it’s a movie I’m interested in or not. In the past, some horror movies I’ve enjoyed include: Insidious, The Visit, Annabelle, Signs, and more. I’ve narrowed 2020’s horror movie trailers down to three and will be giving my opinion as well as my predictions for each.

Guillermo del Toro
A 2020 horror about a mysterious creature whom authorities are desperately trying to stop from striking again.

The first movie I decided to focus on is for Antlers. Based on its trailer, Antlers is a movie about a young boy in elementary school named Lucas. Lucas lives alone with some sort of creature he keeps locked up inside his home. Eventually, the creature escapes the home and begins to tear apart any victim it makes contact with. The police begin to discover the body parts in the woods and come to their own conclusion that some sort of animal must be responsible for this. Meanwhile, Lucas’s teacher begins to notice his weird behavior in class. He begins making these strange drawings of the creature, often referred to as a wendigo, and the teacher ends up showing them to the police. The police aren’t sure what to make of it all and tell her she doesn’t need to be involved. She corrects them, saying Lucas has no one and that he is her responsibility. The only line Lucas speaks towards the end of the trailer is, “He’ll come for me. He needs me.”

In my opinion, I find this trailer to be quite interesting. I’m not sure why Lucas has this creature locked in his home in the first place, nor do I understand why this creature ‘needs him’. It makes me want to watch the movie and find out. It isn’t the best horror trailer I’ve ever seen, but it isn’t the worst either. I like how there’s a mystery to the story and how it ties this myth to one person rather than multiple. I predict that Lucas has some sort of connection to this being and he somehow sees past how terrifying it can be because of this connection. In conclusion, on a scale of 1-5 (1 meaning I would not like to see this movie at all and 5 meaning I would absolutely love to watch it), I give this movie a 3.5.

Gene Levitt
Guests are lured to an eccentric island where they are promised their wildest dreams. Couldn’t go wrong at all, right?

Moving on to movie number two, I’ve chosen to focus on Fantasy Island. What I’ve taken from the trailer is that this movie is about a group of people who have won a trip to this ‘Fantasy Island’, claimed to be “a place where anything and everything is possible.” The trip is different for each of the guests. Whatever each guest desires is what they shall receive. Each of the five guests’ desires are listed in the trailer. The first guest claims, “I want to see some action.” He is then seen as if he is fighting in the military. The second and third say, “We want to have it all,” and they are seen partying with lots of people by a pool. “Change the moment that I regret most,” says the fourth, and she is seen accepting a wedding proposal. Finally, the fifth asks to have “revenge on a childhood bully.” At this point in the trailer, everyone begins to see that not everything on this island is as it seems. The fifth guest is in a room to fulfill her ‘desire’, and she is able to press any button in order to determine the fate of her bully and torture her. She quickly realizes this is not what she meant by revenge. What each of the guests has asked for is twisted and they immediately wish to leave.

This trailer turned out to be not at all what I expected. There is much more of a story than I originally thought. My favorite thing about this trailer is how it doesn’t focus on just one person’s point of view, but instead broadens this concept between five. My prediction is that at first glimpse, their desires will be exactly what they want. Even for the guest who wishes revenge on someone\; it showed her being convinced that her bully was a hologram. As the story progresses, minor set-backs of their desires will become bigger and bigger problems. They believe Fantasy Island is, in fact, a fantasy someone has, and I predict that when they try to escape, the fantasy will get more and more dangerous and scary. On my personal scale of 1-5, I think this trailer deserves a 4.5.

Floria Sigismondi
Kate, a caretaker, is put in charge of 2 siblings after their parents die under obscure means. Kids are odd creatures.

Finally, for the last movie, I decided to focus on The Turning. This trailer was rather confusing to me. I had to rewatch certain parts in order to have a better understanding. But here’s what I understood: a woman named Kate has decided to take care of two orphan children as their nanny. This is the first job she has ever taken where she lives and works in the same place. The place they live in is a huge mansion, and there are only two children, along with an older woman who must somehow know the children. The children act very odd, and the older woman claims they are ‘special’. Kate has a conversation with the little girl in what seems to be the garden, which has withered and died. Kate claims the girl’s friends must love the place, but she tells Kate she has no friends. The boy scares off a bird eating a live fish in the next scene, then kills the fish by stomping on it saying, “Nothing should have to suffer.” Kate asks the older woman about their parents’ deaths but the woman just replies with, “It’s not that simple.” The children avoid one half of the house as if something is there. Kate, of course, explores this and is met with some sort of creature. From then on, the trailer shows all these crazy, terrifying things happening, and the children say all these odd things.

As I mentioned before, this trailer left me confused and wanting more explanation. This isn’t actually a bad thing, it can be a very good thing for this trailer. By leaving the viewers on a blank, it just makes them want to see the actual movie all the more. My only concern is that I have heard from some who have seen the movie and left still confused. Of course, not everyone’s minds work the same, so I’d have to just see it for myself. I predict that the children are not fully human and that their parents are actually the creatures on one side of the home. The older woman must be protecting them from it, which is why they were scared. On my personal scale of 1-5, I give this trailer a 5.

Those are my predictions and opinions for these three horror films of 2020. I plan on seeing them all, just to see if I actually like them the same as the ratings I originally gave them. This might even prove to make watching the movies more interesting.