Yellow Jacket Basketball Comes to an End

The boys basketball team loses their last game in district-semi finals at home.


Ron Crowell

Seniors Quenton Shelton, Jordan Lewis, and Bryson Crowell pose in front of the highway 5 trophy after beating Camdenton this season.

Last night in Boswell Auditorium the Lebanon Yellowjackets fell to the Glendale Falcons in district semi-finals. The game ends the season for the team, and leaves a bad taste in the mouth for three seniors.

Lebanon was up by 10 at one point, dominating the Falcons. Winning both games against the Falcons earlier in the season, Lebanon fell 69-70.

“It sucks to lose like that. It was the last game to be there and watch and I didn’t think we would lose,” said senior Tuff Blankenship.

Senior Quenton Shelton led the jacket’s in scoring with 38 points. Senior Jordan Lewis and Bryson Crowell also contributed, with Lewis picking up 8 and Crowell picking up 3.

The loss truly hurts for every senior swarm member, basketball player, and their parents.

“I’m sad and pissed about the game. I’ll miss being in the student section watching the boys play, and I’m mad that we lost the game,” said senior Curtis Mobley.

It will be a while to really grasp the fact that it was indeed the last game of the season. “I’m disappointed. It was a good game but it’s hard to go out that way,” said senior guard Quenton Shelton.

The Yellow Jackets will be back next season with the eagerness to work and win, but for now, the seniors are moving on to the next chapter of their lives.