A Night To Remember

LHS Theatre Department Presents Spring Play, Tuck Everlasting


Carolyn Sterner

Audrey Dow (Winnie) and Dalton Myler (Jesse) are performing an important scene in this photo. Winnie Foster was being asked a life-changing question by Jesse Tuck . After meeting Winnie and revealing the Tuck family secret to her, Jesse knew he wanted to spend his everlasting life with her.

Mixed emotions filled the theatre as the last LHS theatre production of the 2019-2020 school year was to be performed that night. Some people were excited to see the performance, while others were sad, knowing this was the last highschool performance for the seniors. The audience became quiet as the music faded out. Ms. Thomas entered onstage and welcomed the audience. She was preparing herself emotionally, knowing this night would come eventually. This was the second night of performing. In other words, it was senior night\; the night Thomas would be saying goodbye to the seniors.

“I prepared myself by telling myself, “I’m doing this with my friends, and so I’m gonna try and be happy.” I was sad, but it was a good show, so I stayed happy and saved the tears for after,” said senior Tamra Rodgers.

This play included half of the cast playing the ‘voices’ (woodland sprites), and they were the ones introducing each scene. They took turns speaking with each of their ‘partners’ in order to explain the story in depth. These students were: junior Emily Brown, sophomore Jackson Mallia-Walker, sophomore Katie Mizell, junior Ashley Blechl, junior Carli Knopf, sophomore Rory Jenkins, freshman Logan Johnston, and sophomore Sierra Elmore.

“I liked how all of us ‘woodland sprites’ all were a community, and how we could bond through our roles,” said Knopf.

The story itself was about a girl named Winnie Foster (played by freshman Audrey Dow), who meets the Tuck family. The Tuck family is a family of four who live their lives being immortal. One of the sons, Jesse Tuck (senior Dalton Myler), falls in love with Winnie and asks her to drink the water after living 5 more years to join him in marriage. She is faced with the difficult decision of being immortal with the Tuck family or living her life continuously until she dies with her biological family.

“The hardest part about playing Winnie Foster was knowing her emotions, and learning when she was sad, happy, excited, as well as how she’d react to certain things,” said Dow.

Even after the ending scene, the show still went on. Now it was time for the seniors and Thomas to say their goodbyes. One by one, Thomas called the seniors up, gave them flowers, a gift, and a hug. To her surprise, they got her gifts as well. It was an emotional night for them all, but also a great success.