Bella Voce Feature

What's new with the advanced women's choir?


Joshua Teal

Bella Voce Feature
What’s new with the advanced women’s choir?

Bella Voce (Italian for beautiful voice), is an advanced women’s chorus created by Mr. Tapson three years ago. It was made to provide an opportunity for women in the two mixed choirs, Chamber and Concert. Throughout the years Bella Voce has won many awards for the choir department. Sadly, because of the lack of choir students and many seniors leaving this year, Bella Voce will not be available next year.

While Bella Voce may not be available to future students, Choir Director Mr. Jackson said that he is “open to an extracurricular group forming if there is interest and commitment.” Some of the younger students, like freshman Faith Gandalovics, showed interest in the idea of an extracurricular choir. “I would most definitely love to do the extracurricular activity after school for choir. I love not only Bella Voce, but I love everything about choir,” said Gandalovics.

There are many memories that I personally have made in Bella Voce that I will miss, it saddens me to see such a wonderful choir go and such an uplifting environment for women to dissipate, as Faith said, “We all can work together and not only create beautiful music but beautiful relationships through each other. We always lift each other up and help one another. It’s a very positive environment for everyone I believe,” said Gandalovics.

Another major change not only in Bella Voce, but in the whole choir department, is that pianist Mrs. Denise will be retiring this year. Many singers are sad for the bittersweet parting of Mrs. Denise, who has been here since I was a freshman. Even Faith is feeling the blues of the changes. “I will most definitely miss Bella Voce. I will also miss Mrs. Denise dearly, she’s such an amazing role model and person, I’m sad that she will be leaving us. We were all very comfortable with each other, but I’m definitely open for change,” said Gandalovics.

Above all, there are many changes coming to the choir department, and while there are many bittersweet endings coming with graduation quickly approaching. The lower classmen look to the future and will spend their time preparing for the future, singing and creating beautiful music with Mr. Jackson.