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All future Math Team competitions cancelled due to COVID-19

Math Team Feature
All future Math Team competitions cancelled due to COVID-19

Everyone knows about COVID-19, the global pandemic that seems to have the whole planet on guard and locked down. With multiple sports competitions, musical performances, and school trips cancelled due to COVID-19 everyone is feeling the drag of this world-wide quarantine. One of these groups being LHS’s Math Team.

Due to inclimate weather in 2019, and corona in 2020, Math Team has only attended one competition throughout this whole school year. Seniors who have been on Math Team for their whole highschool career won’t be able to enjoy one last year with Math Team. Freshman who have just joined robbed of their first competitions. Even Ms. Dobbs, Math Team’s sponsor, is feeling the weight of this year.

“It has been a rough year for the Math Team. First we had to deal with cancellations of competitions because of the weather. Then we had conflicts with competitions because of other commitments by members. We thought we were going to be able to make those up, but then COVID-19 hit. I am sad for all the members who were excited to compete, but now cannot,” said Dobbs.

Even the seniors are feeling the drag of COVID-19. Rikki Gromowky, is one of these seniors. “I’m really disappointed that I didn’t get to go to a single competition this year. I was really looking forward to going to the pummel at MSU, but now we can’t and I’m rather sad since this is my senior year,” said Gromowsky.

I personally am also rather upset that the Math Team competitions got cancelled. Though it was my first year on the Math Team, I’m crestfallen that I wasn’t able to experience any of the competitions for my last year and make memories that could’ve been worthwhile. I’m sure anyone can agree with me when I say that all classmen are struggling with COVID-19. Missing out on time with your friends, competitions, and performances that make the highschool experience memorable.

There are many other clubs that have all been cancelled, as well as choir and band performances. It puts a damper on my heart that I missed out on Math Team and that I am now missing out on my senior year. I can only hope that things will look up in the summer when I apply for college.