Looking At The Positive

COVID-19’s Positive Impact on Earth


Amber Ruble

The Earth is much greener now because of this coronavirus epidemic. No one would have guessed that this would be the way pollution would decrease.

When it comes to the corona virus, most people only consider the bad and question why it had to become an epidemic. They look at the 128,886 deaths worldwide, they look at how all the schools have been closed in the United States, they look at how many are on lock-down and are stuck in their homes with no income coming in, and they look at how the numbers just keep rising. But there is more positive to this situation than most would think.

Even though COVID-19 has been rough on the human race, it’s actually been better for our planet. With less travel, there has been much less pollution in the air, and this decline of carbon isn’t just shown in the United States. According to https://www.nbcnews.com, China has emitted 25% less carbon since this epidemic began. Italy’s stop of traveling by boat has even made the water so clear you can see the fish at the bottom of the waterways. Overall, our skies and water have been much cleaner, and in certain places the air is safer to breathe.

“The main thing that I’ve noticed is how there is less pollution in the air. Many cities can actually see the difference in air quality,” said senior Auston Stewart.

However, just because the Earth is in much better state than it was before doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. Before, most people didn’t pay much attention to pollution and only few tried to prevent it. Now, the virus is taking care of it for them. But the sad thing about that is that a lot of people aren’t going to take this seriously and aren’t going to change after the virus ends. They’ll simply take the healthier Earth for granted, and our planet will slowly increase with pollution levels all over again.

“After COVID, I think it will go back to the way it was in a sense. A lot of people aren’t really taking action, so those people won’t learn from it, but the people who have been trying to stop the spread (nurses, scientists, and even people social distancing) will take a lot from it. Since COVID, the pollution has decreased, and I think after this has passed it will just go back to the level it was before,” said sophomore Emily Fowler.

The main thing to take from this whole epidemic is the knowledge that there is positive underneath all this negative. Just because people are dying everyday, schools are closed, and many are on lock-down, doesn’t mean that life won’t ever return to the way it was before. In fact, out of all the corona virus cases on the planet, there are actually more people to recover than the people who don’t make it. No one is alone through this, and we can all get through this if we understand and take the steps needed to fight back.