From the Desk of a Teacher – 2020 Edition


It’s week 8 of the hybrid learning model for Lebanon.

Is hybrid teaching easier than virtual learning? Yes and no. I honestly don’t put them in the same ball game.  They are just different. Like everything else this year.

It’s a lot like a juggling act, and I think some students would agree with that.  Some lectures are in person, some are online. Some assignments are in class and are to be finished at home. Some students complete an entire week of assignments on Monday, while others are still struggling to catch up from week 2. Some students are using their virtual days to make extra money at their jobs.  Others are using the days to sleep in and maybe look at their homework for 30 minutes tops.  All while teachers scramble to make in class and virtual semi the same when in reality they just aren’t. Let’s not even get started on the administration’s juggling act right now, I wouldn’t want their job in a million years but forever thankful for their support.

Each day is a little different, but ultimately the same. Show up. Mask up. DON’T TOUCH THAT. Use hand sanitizer. No, you cannot switch seats. No, I cannot tell you who is or isn’t quarantined. WAS THAT A SNEEZE?? Everyone turns and looks.

But this year is different. My relationships are stronger with my students because of the smaller class sizes. We can have class discussions without thirty voices talking over each other. I can visit with each student individually within a class section. The assignments are slower, but the students are understanding the material better. I have had zero discipline issues because the KIDS WANT TO BE HERE. Think about that for a minute, have you encountered a student yet that genuinely does not want to be in your class? I haven’t, but maybe I’m just an anomaly.

So from the desk of a teacher: enjoy this time although it is different. I’m so glad you are here too. But please… just do your hybrid homework!

What words of advice do you have for teachers, students? What are you struggling with during the Fall 2020 semester?



Mrs. Morris