Marching Yellowjackets Take Their Final Lap

Shelby Bybee, Writer


The students at Lebanon High School have missed a lot of traditions this school year due to the changes caused by Covid-19. Some events they have missed are annual pep rallies, the Stepping Up ceremony, school dances, and many more. There was one tradition, however, that was able to be completed last Friday morning at Jacket Stadium. The Lebanon Marching Yellowjacket seniors got to take their final l


This tradition is very important to the Marching Yellowjackets. Each year, the band marches lap after lap around the track preparing for parades. The final lap gives the seniors one last go around. It honors the graduating class of the band, and all the hard work they have put in over the years. Freshman, sophomores, and juniors line the track and cheer on their fellow bandmates as they go. Usually, this lap takes place on the last evening rehearsal of the season, but, due to different circumstances, the event was moved to Friday, the last rehearsal of the 2020 marching season.

Each senior takes their lap in their own way. Some walk. Some Jog. Some run. This year, senior Gabe Schiller ran his lap being the first to finish and leaving the competition in the dust. Haley Bakeberg and Alexis Davis decided to get creative with the way they took their lap. They came to rehearsal dressed as old ladies. With arms linked, they helped each other hobble around the track. When they crossed the finish line, they fell down and reached for their Life Alert buttons.


The class of 2021 has lost a lot of their season this year. Competitions and parades were canceled because of the coronavirus. They had to adjust to so many changes to their marching band norms. Luckily, there were no changes in the plans to let them run their final lap. This tradition means so much to the band program.

Hopefully, there are more traditions all over the school that are able to be completed as the year goes on.