One More Year

One senior’s final debut with the Lebanon Yellowjackets

Whisper Kane, Contributor

Football is one of the most celebrated sports at Lebanon High School. The seniors who play football are rather important as they are the oldest and should know what they’re doing. These seniors have aspects of great leaders such as integrity, confidence, honesty, passion, and humility. Kaleb Winfrey, a senior football player has shown these traits all throughout his high school career.

College is in the heads of most seniors. When it comes to football players who want to continue football this could make or break at the big leagues. College teams include the Alabama Crimson, Arkansas Razorbacks, Missouri Tigers, Ole Miss Rebels, South Carolina, etc. College is also the big idea for every senior. Kaleb Winfrey is no exception to the rules and has also been thinking of life after high school

“I would love to play college ball at either MSU or Mizzou,” said Kaleb.

Even though Kaleb says that he would like to play as MSU or Mizzou, Kaleb got his first college acceptance letter to Northwest Missouri State University, but he has not yet declared that he is going to Northwest Missouri State University.

MSU’s mascot is Boomer the Bear and is 1st in the Missouri Valley. Mizzou’s is Truman the Tiger and is 5th currently in the SEC East. Both are incredible when it comes to football.

“Least favorite exercise is conditioning but is very crucial to football,” said Kaleb.

Football is mainly an anaerobic sport, or short burst of energy using little oxygen. Conditioning gets the body used to the short burst of energy. In football, plays can last only 5 seconds with 25 to 30 seconds between plays. Even if football is a difficult sport to play, those who play for a certain reason. They might play to get stronger, build a thick skin, or earn a sense of achievement.

“I play football because you have to be mentally tough in life, and it does a great job preparing you”

Nervousness can be caused by many things. Calming down is the number one priority. There are multiple ways to calm down taking deep breathes, listening to music, and meditating

“I tend to get mildly nervous, but who doesn’t? I listen to music to calm down.”

Even though Kaleb gets nervous he can still see how football has changed him as a person. Growing up is hard but because of everything that is pushed upon him. Since Kaleb is a senior this year he has to be a leader.

“Football has made me into a better person, I’ve matured and learned more about life than most people have”

Everyone can agree that we all have looked up to someone in our lives. Many look up to historical figures, celebrities, or people who just trying to make a difference.

“I aspire to be like our athletic trainer, Dave Gordon. He has helped steer me on my path to athletic training”