Abortion: Issue 1

Pregnancy in high shool

Bethany Allen, Contributor

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Pregnancy in high school is not talked about as much as it should be. Pregnancy in high school was a huge deal for a while and then it went back to not being talked about. Most importantly, abortion should be talked about in high school.

For those who don’t know, parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of high school. According to an article from Momjunction, nearly 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school, and nearly four in ten pregnancies end in abortion. (Mankani, 2017). This has got to stop. Pregnancy and abortion need to be talked about more in high school.

Abortion is killing the baby. It can cause heavy bleeding, infections, damage to the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, damage to internal organs, and abortion does cause death.

Some emotional complications that come with abortion can be relationship problems, guilt, depression, flashbacks of the abortion, suicidal thoughts, and sexual dysfunction. Having an abortion can cause these things and people don’t take these into effect.

People choose abortion because they say they aren’t “ready”. This is a great excuse for high schoolers. They aren’t financially ready, emotionally ready, mature enough, etc.

Sometimes, people aren’t going out and doing the actions of having a baby. They might get raped or have relationship problems. Rape is uncommon, however. Some say they don’t want to have the child because they don’t want to look at the child and see the father of the baby, or it reminds them of their relationship with the father. These two reasons, relationship problems, and rape are not as common. Rape-related pregnancy is 5%. For this 5%, if they do not want to have the baby because they do not want to have that baby remind them of the person that raped them, they can put the baby up for adoption.

If abortion is a consideration, there are other options. Adoption is one of these options and is great. There is no cost to them if they choose adoption. Choosing adoption is the best option for those who do not want to take care of the child.

There is also another great alternative in Lebanon, the Pregnancy Support Center. The Pregnancy Support Center works with women, and sometimes guys, who are struggling with the idea of being a parent. They let them know they are not alone and talk with them about all of the options. The Pregnancy Support Center even offers medical services. They offer pregnancy tests and even ultrasounds.

The Pregnancy Support Center also offers support services. Some of these include group classes, one-on-one programs, and post-abortive care.

The Pregnancy Support Center (PSC) also offers financial support. They have a program called GAP, which stands for gift and prayer, where it sends your family diapers, wipes, formula, prayer, and encouragement monthly.

There’s also a Sweet Beginnings Baby Boutique at the PSC. The Sweet Beginnings Baby Boutique offers the families/clients the opportunity to purchase items from the boutique. The families/clients will get baby bucks from the educational programs that they complete at PSC. The Baby Bucks is what is used to purchase the items in the Boutique.

Abortion is not the answer, and it never will be. There are other options. Pregnancy happens more than imagined in high school and this needs to be talked about more often.