Fortnite 1: Builder Pro

Fortnite Tips For Defense Building


Amber Ruble, Contributor

There’s only one idea nobody likes about Fortnite, and that’s how the game begins. All that’s given is a glimpse of the story, and then all the newbies are sent off into the game. They have no knowledge of who’s on whose team, how to shoot their guns and reload, how to build; nothing. If they’re lucky, they’ll be paired up with someone willing to show them the ropes. If not, they’re stuck trying to teach themselves. Here are some of the common questions and answers beginners may have when it comes to building.


Q: Does it matter if I follow a certain building pattern, or just build as a quick defense?

A: Not necessarily in the beginning, but it may be best to find a pattern as beginners get better. As long as they can build walls around themselves, it isn’t a big deal. Everyone finds their own pattern eventually, and to do that they experiment. Try different building techniques that can be seen being used by other players. Soon enough, a comfortable and quick way to build will be found.


Q: What are some examples of building methods that are used?

A: There are so many ways a beginner can go about building. Always begin with walls, then go whatever way you wish from there. To be more specific, I interviewed a couple of local high school students about their personal building methods. Sophomore Joseph Silberberg had 2 different preferences; one for defense, one for an offense. “When building as a defense, I usually build a 1×1 box with a pyramid on top, so I can make sure I don’t get third-partied (attacked by a third player),” said Silberberg. However, Junior Johnathan Spurlin goes about defense a different way, saying, “I just use a ramp along with walls as a quick defense.” Personally, I don’t follow a certain pattern as I’m a beginner myself; but I always try to build to get higher ground. The method I’ve been trying to get used to involves building walls around myself, a ramp, more walls, a floor, another ramp, and so on. A beginner should always make sure to put some sort of roof above them self.


Q: What are some of the common mistakes beginners tend to make when building?

A: The common mistakes I have seen or have made myself include: panicking instead of building a defense quickly, not building a roof, being on the incorrect setting, building off of a simple ramp. A person should always be aware of their surroundings. If someone is getting shot at, they should immediately start building. Do NOT panic, and don’t try to hide behinds trees or rocks. They should at least build walls around them self and a roof above their head if they aren’t quick enough to make anything better. This way they at least have the basic defense down. After that is when they worry about where their attacker is. The reason the roof is so important is so people can’t drop in from above. Now, what I mean about being in the wrong setting: make sure the game settings are set to ‘Builder Pro’. This way all a person has to do is press 2 buttons in order to build certain things, instead of having to scroll through all 4 options every time they wish to build. It will take some getting used to, but it will definitely help in the future. I know it helped me! Lastly, a person should NOT count on their build to have a ramp as its base. If they do this, all someone else has to do is break the piece of the ramp touching the ground, and the entire build collapses. That’s why I recommend building straight up instead of diagonally.


That’s all the advice I have for defense building. I have personally found all these tips to be helpful in my own gameplay, so I hope it can do the same for others. Fortnite can be a hard game to play in the beginning, but the longer someone plays, the better they get. Practice makes perfect, so never give up.