Fortnite 2: Combat Pro

Fortnite Tips for Attacking and Offense Building


Amber Ruble, Contributor

Now that I’ve covered defense, it’s time I cover offense. First thing’s first, I would NOT recommend a person starting offense as a beginner unless they HAVE to. If they try to start fighting in the beginning, they’ll most likely be killed faster. Remember, the goal of the game is more about survival, less about killing. However, there are some who think they are ready for an offense; so I’m here to answer some of the common questions they may have.

Q: What are some of the places a lot of people tend to go?
A: Usually, people wish to get off the bus and start gathering materials/attacking as soon as possible. So, if someone wants to be up against lots of people, they should jump off the bus as soon as they can. But there is also 1 certain place people like to go, and that place is Tilted Towers. People like to go to Tilted because of the great materials, guns, bombs, and chests it hides.

Q: Which is a better idea, building for offense or to keep moving?
It honestly depends on the situation. I would know this from personal experience. I learned my lesson when I was in a game with 2 other people left. The storm was closing in, and there was a player right in front of me. I chose to shoot them instead of continuing to move in; and even though I killed them, the storm killed me. In a different game I played, I used the knowledge from the lesson I learned. However, this time I was up against 1 other person and A LOT of zombies, while the storm stayed still. I continued to run from the zombies and shoot at them while the other person chose to shoot at me and the zombies; getting themselves killed and giving me my first solo win. Therefore, a beginner should always build for offense unless there is a distraction, such as the zombies or storm.

Q: What are some examples of offense building?
A: Like defense building, there are many ways a person could go. Here are the ways those same 2 local high school students go about offense building. According to Sophomore Joseph Silberberg, he likes to “place a ramp and then a wall in front of it, and continue this process until I obtain the high ground, which is key to have in a gunfight.” Junior Johnathan Spurlin went about things in a similar way, simply saying, “I build to get higher ground, then shoot.” This is the route most people tend to take, including me. However, if there’s anyone like me and they still need more building practice, I’d recommend they play with friends on duo or squad mode, make online friends on these modes to help them, or play against friends on playground mode. When I first started playing Fortnite, I made a friend who was kind enough to show me the ropes of the game. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be getting much better. There was one time when we got lucky where a group had already placed a Port-a-Fort, then died. We took over and had the high ground above everyone else. The only reason we got 2nd is that my game lagged and the storm killed me; leaving him as a team of 1 versus 2 duo teams. That high ground would’ve allowed us to get first otherwise.
That’s all the advice I have for offense building. I’ve learned a lot of lessons when it has come to offense building, so I hope what I’ve learned throughout my gameplay helps any beginners as well. Survival is the main focus; so a beginner should not feel bad if they cannot make any kills. I only just started getting kills, and I’ve been playing for about a month now. Fortnite is a game that takes a lot of skill and practice; so it’ll take some time to get better. Beginners must be patient.