Using School as a Ministry

The importance of using school as a ministry.

Brennen Keller, Contributor

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Throughout school, it is so easy to ignore the rest of the world. All people have to do is put in their headphones, listen to music, and separate themselves from everyone else at school.


Walking down the halls at Lebanon High School one will see many people with headphones in and a blank face talking to no one. I don’t want to say music is bad and that listening to music ruins a Christian walk because that would be wrong. In today’s world, it is so easy to ignore everyone else and only focus on oneself, but in a world of lost people, we have to put our distractions down and focus on others.


I want everyone to realize that school is a ministry opportunity. We often think that the only way we can share the gospel is to go overseas or to go into a big city and preach to kids. We oftentimes miss our very own community, even when we live in a community where many people are still lost. Those people have either not heard about the good news of the gospel or they have rejected it, but we refuse to think of them and refuse to think of their eternal life.


These people could spend an eternity in hell if we don’t reach them. Read that again and just let it sink in. So many friends and family members are going to spend over a lifetime of suffering because they haven’t accepted Jesus as their personal savior.


If we realize that the majority of the high school students are truly lost and yearning for someone to save them, then we will have no problem putting all of our distractions aside to focus on bringing them to Christ.


School is a ministry opportunity. We have been placed here by God so that we can shed light into the high school. So that we would put ourselves to the side and live for Him. Every conversation we have should be gospel-centered and focused on bringing light to those in our high school who are lost. I know that we can think of at least one friend who does not have Jesus in their heart. God gave that friend so we could make an impact in their life. So now it is our mission to use our position in the school to share the gospel with others.