NFrealmusic Review

A rapper all about being real with others other than himself.

Brianna Bunch, Contributor

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Nathan Feuerstein, better known as NF, is a Christian rapper signed to Capitol Records. I have been into NF since he started out in 2010 with his self-produced first album “Moments.” As soon as I realized that his first intro was in Madden 16, I knew he was going places,

Feuerstein wrote each song with collaborators. Each song flows together into the next and each one tells another story. NF is good at writing songs about how life works and how everyone is and can be.

Each of his albums starts with an intro that explains how the album will work. Each song laid is another strong, aggressive and a hard look on life.

The song, “How Could You Leave Us”, explains how his mother was a pill popper and how he was stuck taking care of his siblings at a young age. Him seeing his mother like this was killing him. Every pill she took was just another way for him to try to reach out to her before it was too late. Before he knew it, and her laying there cold and lifeless from an accidental overdose.

Skipping ahead to his song Mansion from his Mansion album. In Mansion he raps about how he always locks himself in his head due to his internal fear and instant regret. Mansion even goes back into talking about his mother just for a moment and then back into his fears and how his mind works.

Feuerstein’s songs are always vivid and relatable when he puts his mind and heart into each word adding more and more passion into it.