Everyone Matters

A year in a single point of view


The football team watches silently as the players on the field face off against the Falcons. This game ended with the Yellow Jackets claiming another win.

Whisper Kane, Contributor

Jeremiah Strong, a Sophomore football player, has only been playing for one year. He plays defensive end, the person on the outside used to cover the outside area of the line of scrimmage. Outside of his football persona, he is also in FFA, or future farmers of America.

Some students can get nervous before a performance of any kind. There are many ways that they use to calm themselves including relaxing the body, meditating, imagine everyone in their underwear, and things like that. Different people calm down in different ways.

“I do get nervous every once in a while before a game, but I calm myself down by just thinking about the guy that is across from me. I know I’m better than this guy, this is just my mindset I have… I just naturally calm myself down,” said Strong.

In football, there are many celebrities and stars who many kids and adults look up to. Celebrities and stars aren’t the only people that people look up to. Parents, mentors, siblings, and other regular people can also affect multiple kids and adults.

“I’d have to say, my dad, because he is my biggest support system and I love him. He is my main guy. He’s, no matter what I do, always there for me. He loves me.” said Strong.

In football, players are required to run, be able to make split-second decisions, and change direction on a dime. Warming up is required to do everything that is expected of them. During practices, they do multiple exercises because of this everyone will have different favorites and different least favorites.

“I don’t really have a favorite during practice I kinda just happy that we are getting better every day… It doesn’t really matter what we do I just know that I am benefiting myself,” said Strong.

Even though it is important to work to be prepared for the games on Friday nights, it is more important to love what they do. If they are dedicated to what they do then they will try hard to make sure that all of the hard work doesn’t go down the drain.

“I love the game. I love the game of football because it doesn’t matter how hard it gets or how easy it becomes. I love to play,” said Strong.

High school flies by quicker than someone can blink so making the best of it is always a pleasant idea. Even though he loves the game he must think of his future. Colleges look at what you have done all four years of high school, and if he plays football the rest of high school he could possibly get a football scholarship to a college.

“I do want to play the rest of my high school career, but I’m not sure about college though. Because I’m not sure that I want to go to college yet. I might just go to a trade school,” said Strong.