Freshmen on Varsity

What is it really like?

SMILE! Maranda Fair poses for a picture under the Friday night lights. Picture courtesy of Rylee Snow.

SMILE! Maranda Fair poses for a picture under the Friday night lights. Picture courtesy of Rylee Snow.

Rylee Snow

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Being a freshman on varsity is not always easy. This year there are two freshmen on the LHS varsity cheer team, Shelby Oliver and Maranda Fair.


For Fair, cheering was nothing new.


“I’ve been cheering for three years now. I cheered two years in middle school and one year in high school,“ said Fair.


This year she has enjoyed the challenges and new aspects to it. The freshmen on the varsity cheer squad worked very hard at tryouts to earn their spots on the team. They also have continued to work hard throughout the season.


“Always getting along with my stunt group or working on jumps can be hard sometimes,” Fair said.  


The girls are with their stunt groups the most out of anybody on the cheer team. This is something that she will have to work on, but it can only get easier because of her dedication.  


“Stunting is my favorite part because you get to show your strengths in the position,” said Fair.


Fair is a main base. This means she lifts her flyer in the air with the help of her backspot and her side base. Stunting can be very challenging because it takes the most dedication. In order to work on stunts, everybody in a stunt group has to be at practice. Sometimes, this can be hard to accomplish.


Fair has had to change some things during her transition from being a middle school cheerleader to being a high school cheerleader on varsity.


“Being on varsity my freshman year is actually very fun and challenging. Just coming from the middle school to the high school was hard. There is a big difference between the things we did there and the things we do here. It’s easy to catch on, learn fast and be able to do bigger stunts as well as longer dances. Cheering at the high school level involves more crowd involvement. It is so much more than what was done at the middle school,” said Fair.


Being a freshman on varsity did not turn out to be too hard for Maranda. She was trusted with the position and she earns it every day at practices and games.