Coach Crowell

The player’s champ


Ron Crowell

Coach Ron Crowell enjoying some time away from tennis to watch some baseball.

Bryson Crowell, Contributor

Coach Crowell is one of those coaches who players have a hard time disliking. The way he handles himself while still pushing his players to achieve their best does not only speak volumes of his coaching ability, but to his character as well.


Not only is he a coach, he is a friend. Just last week, the girls tennis team went to play a tournament in Branson.


“Team bonding was really fun. First we played both doubles and singles in the Branson Tournament against Branson and two other teams. It was super hot that day too so that was nice. Then we went to Wendy’s to get dinner because we were starving, but we realized we only had a few minutes before Snowflex would close so we hurried over there. We got there in time to have a couple runs down the giant mountain, which felt amazing because the tournament lasted forever. After a couple of photo opportunities we went to the landing to go shopping spree. We were let loose for an hour and a half and it was pretty with all the lights at night. There was even a little concert going on by the big fountain are. We ended the night by running back to the bus because of course everyone was out passed the time we were supposed to be on the bus.” said senior Zephine White.


Coach Crowell is nice like that, but that’s not the only reason they like him.


“He’s slow to anger, and he thinks more about his players than about winning, even though his top goal is winning.” said senior Addison Myler.


Coach Crowell loves to keep his players happy. This is why he doesn’t make cuts on the tennis team.


“Tennis is a lifelong sport and I want to give as many kids as I can the opportunity to play,” said Coach Crowell


He can’t stand to see players get hurt. Coach tries to keep everyone happy. It doesn’t always work.


“When he says ‘Let’s get the next one’ and doesn’t realize I’ve been trying to the whole time.” said Myler


In the good and the bad times the team always knows their coach will be there to help no matter what. Coach Crowell loves to see a smile on the teams face. He would never want to make any of them upset. Even if one is upset about something. He is always caring and tries to help them feel better.


“When I first joined tennis, I didn’t know anyone. It was tough for me to try to branch out and make friends with anybody on the team. Yet Coach Crowell was really outgoing, and he made sure to include everyone in everything so no one got left out. I think because of him I ended up getting to be friends with some of the most amazing people. Coach Crowell is full of school spirit, and he always has a positive attitude even when things go wrong. My favorite Coach Crowell quote is, “It doesn’t rain on lebanon tennis”, because even when it does rain, it doesn’t get the team down.” said White.