A Walk in Her Shoes

¨You have to go through the bad to get to the good or you won’t learn to appreciate it. No matter how much you think it won’t get any better, I promise you it will. Because it’s not okay, but it will be.¨ ~Katy Lapoint


Madysen Tietze, Contributor

Imagine having one of the only people that are supposed to be there through everything suddenly pass away. Imagine not having that person there for graduation, your wedding, or to meet your kids. Unfortunately, this horrific nightmare became a reality for Katy LaPoint on Christmas Eve of 2017.

LaPoint lost her mother due to sepsis when she was 14. Sepsis is a life-threatening bacterial infection in the bloodstream that causes the body to poison itself.

¨It was super sudden. We had never seen it coming and never expected it. Christmas was and forever will be, different for us. At that moment, my world fell down. My heart ached more than it ever had,¨ LaPoint said.

LaPoint coped with her loss by putting her siblings as her main priority.

¨It wasn’t the best way to cope, but I stepped into the role of my mother. When all I wanted to do was cry, I would be starting dinner for my family or helping with homework,¨ LaPoint said.

¨I would proceed to become depressed and sad constantly, not able to see a life without my mom,¨ LaPoint said in a story she wrote about losing her mom.

She is now dealing with grief through writing, counseling, and talking about her loss openly with her family and friends. LaPoint tells herself that if she could do anything to bring her mother back, then she would give up everything. If her mother had somehow survived, she would have been miserable.

I met Katy LaPoint through a counseling group we were both in at the time. Katy helps me every day in this battle we are both going through. No one has to be alone in this battle. Having someone who understands, even just a little bit, helps to make it easier. They can both be there for one another on the hard days and celebrate the easier days together. Katy is another strong warrior fighting a battle with grief.