Having Gospel-Centered Conversations

Speaking about Jesus

the cross is a very important symbol to christians

the cross is a very important symbol to christians

Brennen Keller, Contributor

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Every day in high school we talk and converse with our friends and other people. We are called as Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ. However, many people may never talk to anyone about their beliefs, but as followers of Christ that is something that should be the center of every conversation.

We should ask ourselves “What is a gospel-centered conversation?” It might not be exactly what we think. It doesn’t always mean we are talking about God or Jesus. It simply means that, in our mind, every word we say could be directed back to Christ. There should be no question that we are a part of the body of Christ.

As a body of believers, we should always find ways to incorporate Jesus into our everyday conversations. For some people that might start out with stopping cursing. It sounds  simple but it might be a struggle for some. For other people it might be bringing up Jesus to a friend that they know has never received Christ and doesn’t believe. It could even be talking to other believers about faith.

Our lives can often be very “self-centered”. We are so worried about how we get ourselves through the day or how we get through the week. However, we don’t make our mission to give glory to God.

Through every word that we speak God should be getting the glory. As Christians, we should focus on centering our conversations to where at the end of it God is being glorified. We need to put our lives to the side and make our conversations about the life-altering good news that Jesus Christ provides for us.