Student Feature of Jocee Pettyjohn

Freshman stepping up and playing for freshman and JV.


Picture Courtesy of Mrs. Pettyjohn

Tyra Rogers, Contributor

Jocee Pettyjohn is a freshman and is very active in the 2018-2019 school year already. She’s currently dancing for the Dream Team and keeping up with volleyball at the same time. Coming into highschool, Pettyjohn had the option of playing softball or volleyball and she chose volleyball.

“My decision was really easy because I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I like volleyball more because of the pace of the game and I just enjoy it more than softball,” said, Pettyjohn.

Pettyjohn has been playing volleyball since 4th grade and still loves it. Being a freshman, this year is probably a whole new atmosphere and pace compared to the junior high level, especially since she’s playing freshman and junior varsity.

“Playing at a high school level is so much fun and competitive. In high school you are “fighting” for positions. You get so many more opportunities in high school than middle school, and the atmosphere is so much more beat,” Pettyjohn said.

While Pettyjohn is killing it on the court, she is also tearing the field up at halftime for the Dream Team performance. Some people might wonder how she balances volleyball and Dream Team.

“I decided to do Dream Team because I love to dance, but the main reason I joined was because my coach is flexible with my volleyball schedule,” Pettyjohn said.

Not everybody has the technique to make it far in volleyball like Pettyjohn has. She is very competitive and definitely has a love for sports all year long.

“I play volleyball all year round. I play with the school in the summer during volleyball season and then I also play with Club Synergy.” Pettyjohn said.

Pettyjohn and her team have a record of 6-0 for freshman and 5-1 for Junior Varsity.